Things I Love

My plan is to start a series where every few months, I share with you purchases that I love and scored for a great price. Some will be with the purpose of letting you know so that you can run out and get the same deal! And others, like today’s, are just to share strategy, as too much time has passed to point you to the deal.

ImageThe coverlet. Anthropologie has some really fun bedspreads, but they are quite expensive! I wanted to add a pop of color to the foot of our bed and I already had some yellow accents going on. I also needed a lighter blanket for the warmer months (all twelve of them). I spotted this lovely piece last spring and did what I always do with things I love: waited for it to go on sale. My tactic is to bookmark an item on my web browser and check on it weekly to see if the price has dropped. It usually only takes a few weeks for that to be the case, but man, Anthropologie is stubborn with their sales. This bad boy hovered at the painful price of $198 for so long that I finally gave up. Fast forward nine months to January and I found myself on the store’s main webpage. And what to my frugal eyes should appear? A winter sale! 25% off already marked down home items. At this point, the coverlet was out of my brain and I was just poking around for fun. I went through the sale items and there she was in all her mustard glory! I got very excited to see not only was it on sale, there was an additional mark down. I put it in my cart to get an estimate on the total costs and took a night to think about it convince my husband this was too good of a deal to pass up. The next day, I checked back on the site and saw this…

ImageThey had sweetened the pot! 50% off an already on sale item? Carted, swiped and shipped. A $200 item for $64! An important thing to note here is that I slept on it. Yes, it was mostly to get my better half on board, but it was also my way of avoiding a spontaneous purchase, even if my eyes had been on it for almost a year. And look how it paid off!


The other item brightening my space these days is my Pottery Barn set of arrow bookends. Arrows are like, so in right now you guys. They’re the new chevron. Back in December, I made a bookshelf for our living room, and since doing so, we’ve had some books fall over now and again. And again. So I’ve been finding objects around the house that I think will look nice and can serve as a bookend. I ran out of options fast, so I knew we needed to make a purchase. The arrows are functional and decorative (my favorite combination), so I did my usual thang and bookmarked these babies when they caught my eye. $69 for a pair. The thing about Pottery Barn is they are constantly having sales, but it feels like it’s on things you don’t want at all. Like baskets. And towels. And $4,000 furniture that’s $200 off. So, my hopes were not high that I would be getting the bookends anytime this season, but I was happy to plan ahead. I may have had a breaking point one boring weekend when I called all the local PB’s to see who had them in stock because I HATE PAYING FOR SHIPPING and when I discovered none near me did… ItriedtoconvincemyhusbandtodrivemetoSantaMonicatogetthem. We’d be saving $14 on shipping! Our books would fall less! It would fill up our dull afternoon! For non-Angelenos, getting from the Eastside (where we are) to the Westside is a whole thing. Luckily, my husband shot me down and I would spend another sleepless night with an arrow shaped hole in my heart.

Then I remembered something! Pottery Barn almost always offers free shipping on holidays. President’s day was this month and I thought it might be my opportunity to pounce. So I did what any normal girl would do: I put a reminder on my calendar. Yes, that’s an actual photo of the way my calendar currently looks. You can tell it’s authentic because I didn’t try to make my Imagehandwriting cute (thought about it). Then I waited. And a week before the holiday the bookends went on sale! $15 off! Totally unexpected and added even more pressure to my “will they, won’t they” free shipping date. What if the sale ended before Monday? What if there was no free shipping and I waited and missed out for nothing? Oh, the pressure. The holiday came and what do you know? There was a special code for free shipping; one day only. Carted, swiped and shipped. For free! $29 saved and one less book on the floor. A win-win.

Because I’m a freak, I sometimes check back after I’ve bought something to see if the sale is still going. I like to reassure myself I got a good deal and all that. Other times, it backfires and they drop the price more, and then I’m mad at me. In this case, I’m glad I did because they had sold out the very next day! How is that for an ending?



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