BOE And Savings Replenishment Update

It has been a busy month. With my seventy hour a week job and nursing a little sickness, I have had zero energy to write. I will be back in the swing of things next week, but until then, I wanted to give you a few financial updates that I promised would be coming your way.

I won my battle against the State Board of Equalization! They have finally acknowledged that I owe nothing else in terms of paying the tax on my car and are in fact, giving me back $21.00. Man does it feel good to not deal with those fools anymore. It was not without some misunderstandings and further miscommunication along the way. Once I was assigned to an auditor to review my case, he misunderstood what my appeal was about, thinking I was asking for a refund. That took a week of time to get right, at which point I followed up again only to learn he had put in a request to close my case. A few weeks later, someone else called me to say I was cleared, but that the wrong letter had gone out in the mail and my first notice would say I still owed money, but the one that would follow would correctly reflect my balance of zero. Man, how many time can one organization mess up?

Second accomplishment: I have fully reimbursed our savings to what it was before I had to pull from it to max out my Roth IRA in March. That is big, because it was a nice chunk of change. It feels great, but not as great as it would were that amount all in addition to what was there before. I don’t need to waste energy beating myself up about that, but it’s a good reminder not to fall into that trap again. Little by little, I hope to build it up this year and starting now I can focus on that rather than paying ourselves back.

I’m grateful for the lesson each of these things taught me and that two of the main financial regrets I have shared on here so far have been somewhat remedied. I now know to work toward funding my Roth IRA all year long, rather than waiting until the last minute and letting my savings take the hit. I will never attempt to sell my car the way I did this last time around and I will also never lease again. Both choices will save me money, time and peace of mind. What goals do you have this year for mistakes you’ve made in the past that you can make up for now?


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