How Routines Can Save You Money

I am not a routine gal. I like my schedule to be constantly changing and am bored easily by the repetitive nature of routine. My husband is the opposite. This is one of the many ways we compliment each other!

One of the things I can be stubborn about in terms of allowing routine, is making sure our meals are diverse week to week. I tend to not repeat a recipe for months at a time, try to introduce new ones weekly and even if I’m buying the same ingredients (let say, chicken and rice), to switch it up in an interesting way. It occurred to me this week that this habit could be costing me. I have a weekly budget for grocery shopping and always have a hard time sticking to it. I upped it by a bit since moving to Tennessee because we started buying mostly organic. And man, can that be expensive!

But the killer around here lately, has been my laziness in preparing meals because of morning sickness with my second pregnancy. Two weeks ago, I had a successful week of cooking and it was because I kept it really simple. Meat, starch, vegetable. Done. I enjoyed every meal and felt full and healthy after eating it. This week I asked myself, “why don’t I do that every week?” Buy five meats, a variety of sides and call it a day? My hesitance only comes in the predictability of it and that–gasp!–I’ll probably be repeating some of the same meals week to week. This all came to head last week when I had to throw out some salmon cakes I bought because they were never used (i.e. the thought of them made me want to throw up). I only bought them because I had made regular salmon the week before and was trying to switch it up. What a silly reason to buy something you don’t even want!

I imagine buying the same or at least similar things week to week would offer predictability in the cost and you’d know when you were straying from your budget a little more easily. We’ll give it a test and see if that’s true.

This is just the start of me adapting to a new idea of routine and examining where in my life it could make a financial difference to change. What budget friendly routines do you have in your household?