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This is the first publication on Knuckles & Twine, from February 2014.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am hoping to provide a place where I can share my strategy on how to achieve great deals without sacrificing quality. My desire is to reach those who find themselves in a place of financial stability and can still recognize the value of a dollar. I believe that you can shop at high-end stores and be a frugal person. I also think things like furnishing your home and preparing nice meals are investments in your future and longterm well-being. My motto is simple: everything goes on sale eventually.


I am a big fan of finance blogs. I read a few daily and am always looking for more awesome suggestions. I am frugal to the core and hate to pay full price for anything; the exception being Los Angeles’ fabulous restaurant scene. I am a lover of all things Northern California. I heart craft beer. Everything about Sunset Magazine is inspiration for what I want my future to look like.


I married Eric Branscum in 2012, who is a writer on the TV show VeggieTales. You can see one of his side projects here. I am a script supervisor for film and commercials. We love our Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz and consider ourselves blessed by God to be where we are in life.


Eric and I were fortunate enough to have parents who paid for our college education and therefore carry no student loans or any other form of debt. I made the mistake (?) of opening a credit card after college to buy a couch and ended up with $12,000 of debt in four years. In 2010, I was able to pay that off with the help of Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover and daily doses of getrichslowly.org. I haven’t held a monthly balance on a credit card since. Eric has never had any debt. I have other financial regrets, but I’ll get into those another time.

Our highest monthly bill by a wide margin, outside of rent, is $130 for auto insurance (which includes renter’s insurance on our apartment). We don’t have cable, we share one car which is paid off, our healthcare is dirt cheap and provided by my husband’s job, our cell phones are on a family plan and the only credit cards we now use work for us in that we get cash back with every purchase. We keep a small emergency fund (a popular recommendation in the financial blogosphere) in addition to a larger savings account. In January 2013 I set a savings goal for the year and by the summer it was triple what I had hoped to achieve by December. In our early years of marriage, the financial focus is saving for a down payment on a house (50% or more) and to travel. We try to take small trips about every other month while we have no children and flexible work.


If these lifestyle choices sound appealing, I hope I can provide you with an honest place to learn and discuss what managing money looks like for those who are in a financially comfortable situation. Just because you have the cash doesn’t mean you spend it.

If you ever have a question or feel like reaching out, I welcome the thought! You can also follow Knuckles & Twine on Instagram here.


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